Better Neighborhood • From Schans to Tuinwijk

Why a neighborhood lab and what is it actually? 

With a neighborhood lab, the district council wants to increase involvement within the various neighborhoods and to create more collaboration between neighborhood residents.

In a neighborhood lab, the Borgerhout residents receive a budget for neighborhood projects. Borgerhout is divided into six districts. Each neighborhood will receive 100,000 Euros and the residents themselves decide what is important for their neighbourhood. 

In the coming four years, every neighborhood in Borgerhout will be able to start a Neighborhood Lab. The neighborhood lab in our district, from Schans to Tuinwijk, runs from October 2021 to June 2022. (Would you like to know which ‘neighbourhood’ this is? Look at the map below.)

From now until March 2022, we (that is the residents of this neighborhood) will collect all the brilliant ideas from residents for improving our neighborhood. 

Your idea can really be anything! From loose thoughts, to a fully developed concepts. From nature to infrastructure. All thoughts are welcome. Nothing is too crazy or impossible!

To ensure that the budget will be spent correctly, the first goal is to survey as many local residents as possible. So your opinion counts! About 7000 inhabitants live in each district. Different ways will be chosen to collect together the dreams, opinions and ideas of the residents of the neighborhood.

We will provide various interactive sessions in order to build on the collected ideas and make them into concrete projects for our neighborhood.

The intended end result is one or more projects for and by the district, which are supported by as many people as possible. Proposals submitted must, however, fit within the capabilities of the district, such as the redevelopment of streets and squares, initiatives in the field of landscaping or actions related to the youth, sports, elderly or culture.

Thank you in advance for your time, your effort, and your undoubtedly inspiring ideas!

Would you like to stay informed about what we will do with your idea and how you can participate in processing all submitted ideas into a concrete project for our neighbourhood? 

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Kaart van onze wijk
Onze wijk bestaat uit volgende straten: Weerstandlaan, Griffier Schobbenslaan, Jagersstraat, Pieter de Smethstraat, Collegelaan, Morckhovenlei, Kerkendijk, René Carelsstraat, Emiel Gebruersstraat, Jozef Posenaersstraat, Xaveriusstraat, Joe Englishstraat, Juul Grietenstraat, Jozef Nuytsstraat, William Woodstraat, Luitenant Lippenslaan, Kalverveld, De Schans, Vrijgeweide, Dokter Van de Perrelei, Weversfabriekstraat, Sergeant de Bruynestraat, Baggenstraat, Te Boelaerlei, en de Borgerhoutse delen van de Herrystraat, de Van Hovestraat en de Van Steenlandstraat.